About the film: "God is not dead"

by Carlos 11. October 2014 02:13

Yesterday I saw the movie "God is not dead" on Netflix because I saw that the boy had in common with me as a master of atheist philosophy.

In this post I will tell the end or sides of the film to be perrada who prefers not know them until I see the movie, if you're one of them, you can stop reading now.

The main theme of this movie is about a philosophy teacher asks his students to pass their class simply must write on a blank sheet the words: "God is dead". But a student declines the offer, the teacher, to embarrass the student, then asks him to prepare to make their case for which defends the existence of God, all of that in front of a class and 80 students. Teacher and student then agree that the other students are those who say if the student is or is not right to say that "God is not dead."

The master of that movie was so like mine, there were few differences, one of which was for my master, religion was "the opium of the people", while the film was a mental virus.

Returning to the film, the debate over the existence of God is itself more like a gossip preserve a serious debate. Fulanito said this, but this manganite answered with another, then Fuchilanga then answered this.

The teacher refers to a phrase that Stephen Hawking wrote a book called "The Grand Design"


Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe could and created from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, that is why there is a universe that we exist. It is not necessary to invoke God as the one who lit the fuse and created the universe.

The brat does not know how revirarla and teacher mockingly tells the student: then you, a simple estudiantillo feels more annoying than Stephen Hawking ?.  

It was only his second show that students knew how to answer, the style used by twisters was like this little brat was cleared.
Using the same sentence, the decompose into logical sentences, then we give a similar meaning, then do not make logical : The kid plays phrases between lines, stir and engatuza everyone, including me, and more or less he understood that if Stephen Hawking said that if there was a reason for the universe created, because someone wanted to be created, then if the universe did not exist before its creation, it was not logical to think that the universe was that thought that should be created. To put in terms of programmers, it's like trying to insert a child record in a table called "reason" before you insert the record father in the "universe" table, both tables are empty, and that the foreign key field of the "reason" does not accept null table. Thunders, reason can not be inserted without creating the universe, but Hawking says there was reason before the universe. Snifffffffffffff, ME CONFUNDEE.

 In a third and final exhibition attacking a bitter argument against God many atheists use to deny their existence.

The argument is, "If God is so good and wants the best for us, why do we allow bad things happen ?. why wars, diseases, natural disasters, suffering, shoplifting, theft, etc?"

 To provide contrast, and as already accepted the possibility that God exists, the kid says that we were given free will. I mean, we have the ability to choose whether to do good or evil to others. That way, as we will be able to unite with God and blah blah blah. Total, and again handled those who do not believe in God are equally difficult to deny that those who believe in him if. If you ask me I would agree that more scientific you want to see a phenomenon, or event, or whatever, there is always something you can not comprehend or understand at all, something obvious and what you simply must "have faith ". As a programmer, I know that my data will show the user on the screen, not always be in the same place, change locations, I mean move into RAM, and then return to the hard drive, not always in the same s¨¦ctor sometimes are not even on the same machine. So I can only have faith that the code I wrote back that data which are what the user wants to see.

I hated that movie marked us that God was the head honcho. Exits a Muslim who becomes a Christian and her father takes to the streets as a puppy. Girl goes and screams with the reverend and a cockroach temple as she tells him that he is going to take your hand, then it is like a new life for the girl, a happier life because you will not have covered the snout and also because they no longer have to hide from her father to practice the Christian religion.

For practical purposes they tell you that the little voice you hear inside your brain, or the impetus for no apparent reason to do something or go somewhere, because it is the very "Espiritu Santo" talking to you. Bad, when I'm under stress, because I do not listen or one or two little voices, "I hear" a lot of voices !, sometimes they are different, how do you know which of these is the Holy Spirit?

If this were not enough, the film is the characters who profess Christianity as if they had superpowers. It is the case of a Christian rock band that have direct communication with God. 

Overall, I expected more from the film and left me somewhat disappointed. So much so as to come and complain on my blog.


God forbid

Walkera QR X350 Pro Quadcopter - Main Body Set (cupon)

By Carlos 29. September 2014 05:59

If you have a QR Walkera quadcoptero PRO 350 (for the average "not PRO" also serves them) and recently gave throughout his Mauser. Well you can buy the spare for $ 20.9 dolarotes on HobbyKing. You save $ 5 dolarillos http://www.hobbyking.com/buddy.asp?code=DCB0F11C-E1E6-4AB8-B9C0-A54959251555 Pidanla that the average send by mail, do not ask the paqueter¨ªas because of the skewer is paqueter¨ªas chido between his "broker" invented and taxes.  Other

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Sacred Gold Pluto

by Carlos 29. September 2014 03:14

Today I learned about a very interesting piece of jewelry.

It is a dijecito is supposedly gold-plated (not sure that quality is gold, 10 carat suppose). By itself, it is worth little, about $ 30 pesos to, more or less, but chido is having super powers.


Dijecito is assumed that this was "alive." It brings good fortune without you you have to strain more and will you change your bad habits and vices. It also helps you to fight against the demonic forces against serious diseases, against envy and witchcraft works. 

That if you take it apart you could see "threads of light" which are 72,000 different energy channels that will help us to bring every good, nice and cheap stuff. What if you happen to lose, no matter where you lose, so be it if you lose swimming at the beach, it will return to you, in your closet, in a magical way, because it is as if a "marriage" between you and this piece no bigger than a penny a metal weight.

Also, while you sleep, this dijecito still searching for each of the 72,000 channels of good things for you, and will ordering events and events, so that they reach you.

But obviously, one would think it fraud if such wonder is the sell, so no, they will charge you a penny for the Most Sacred "Gold Pluton", no, nothing like that. You're going to wear it just completely covering the shipping costs, or if you happen to sucursar, and not pay for shipping.

If you already fell once and I "gave" this dijecito because you "need" to buy it again, because this dijecito is a new pulled by high powers of "Rome" (check that "Rome," he says, rather than version " Vatican "), and that in each version, add more power to reflects this evolution.

If you still feel some morbid curiosity or to get the "gold pluto" and you're going through the idea of ??going for it. EYE, do not go, even if you do not believe in any of that, better not do it to live

Actually they are not interested about getting the $ 30 or $ 40 or $ 60 pesos to the said, in fact, they are willing to give you anything for you in return generate you some feeling of gratitude towards them.

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Here comes the coconut!

by Carlos 14. September 2014 14:33

During my childhood it was common to escuinclitos scared to go to sleep by telling them not to go to bed would "coconut" for them. 
Fortunately for me, my mother used another technique to force us to go to sleep (the thong ).

In the evenings we would gather to play or talk all the neighborhood kids, as several began to tell their awful stories about people that the "carried the coconut" and then not see them again.

For years I wondered how was the coconut, if it had teeth, as it got under the bed, and then goes. Neither knew until today that it was the coconut.

Coconut in Nahuatl language means "disease." This Nahuatl language was spoken in much of the central and southern region of this country; even although they are still talking, and some of his words were taken by the modernona perrada.

When a disease lashed to a population, it was known as "cocoliztli". So coconut or "cocoliztli" was something that the Indians feared dying because quite a number of his friends and family. Four of the "cocoliztlis" causing more deaths occurred during the years 1545, 1576, 1736 and 1813.

Patients suffering terrible pain, high fever first, then bleeding from the ears and nose, tongue and mouth were enegrec¨ªa, they peed green, were too thirsty after losing reason, had horrific hallucinations (not counting what feels itself to have body aches fever). 

10 people got sick of "cocoliztli" 9 are dying. For those who survived on their immune systems, it ended after starving, misery, pain and sadness.

Only until today I realized how terrible it was coconut. Although parallel (ie simultaneously for current perrada) and isolated, others have also encountered "coconuts" in Spain, Portugal, France and other countries. I'll stick with the idea that coconut was personified as a monster illness.

But now comes the coconut children, now that is not sleep "loads the chin ... ada".

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God forbid

When you speak ill of the Catholic Church

by Carlos 14. September 2014 02:09

Perrada filthy Hello, I am writing this post if chipis feel somewhat disillusioned with the Catholic Church and walk considering the idea of ??changing religion.

For starters, do not feel bad if even doubt the good Lord, is a process by which much of the perrada happens. It is healthy to occasionally get angry and yell at your creator. I mean, if even a character in a story you're writing yourself, then create you your personality, write a dialogue that you will not immediately feel like the character says to you, "Hey !, I would not say that! . So is chido, your grumbling at your leisure.

However, at the moment when you're like crabs moult. Your new shell is tiernito and your flesh is tasty for other predators, other fish and smelled the softest little crab with shell and walk frantically to eat it.

This is the ideal for which yours friends or acquaintances when they make you an invitation to go to hear mass in their temples, or even approach you with his ministers or professing that religion to speak.

Constantly I hear radio frequency types and other religions complaining bitterly about the Catholic Church. 

The main thing he was claiming his horrible time when he had the "Holy Inquisition" machines of torture and corruption to administer the sacraments. The second thing to mention is about pedophile priests, money and power of the Vatican and the Pope who is opposed to what little aid perrada is disgraced; for many, including myself, do not see much help from the Pope a prayer for those without insurance what they will eat that day. And if they know or detractors of the Catholic Church, expose threats (some death) which make even the Mexican senior cleric against the relatives of the victims of priests peredastas.
All this makes it like blood enhierbe against this church, and although I can not tell which part of this negative publicity against the Catholic Church is a lie, because if we accept that most of the accusations are about real events. We let her start acting v¨¦nenillo and we pay attention to see what they can offer us, very nearly asked, "And how much you give?"

In my case, I was upgraded to "The Black Bible". Apparently it was to pull me with Satanic. And others, flat are invited by atheists. Whether it is another religion or cult, they all will tell you who follow the Catholic Church are uneducated, sheep, zombies, and that his group, though small, is only itself intelligent and thoughtful people.

Another common thing is that in any of these groups help you with any problems you bring, even if it is economical, with wool that take them to other members, is used to help. Although you do not explicitly request it, this creates in you a duty to at least attend the next meeting or mass. It is not unusual that some say that thanks to this or that religion, (or atheist group) were cured of alcoholism, drug addiction or laziness.

For Satanists and atheists, they sell the idea that you must not worship, just robotically repeated prayers !, Nom¨¢s kneel before an imaginary entity !.
Then you say that sexual pleasures religions Christian the limit in the "commandments" and therefore no orders for them. I mean, what you say chido !, you're going to live without restrictions, exactly as animal in nature, after all, we are animals. 

However, here comes the bad of what happens after spitting up, is that Spittlebugs you back.

Whenever there is any society, or at least two or more individuals must stay together to stay alive, provided some mechanism to regulate the behavior appears to ensure that all serve their purpose and that none pass thrown with the other members . Speaking of more complex organisms, such as ants or humans, this regulatory mechanism is conformoda by members of the community that make up "the ruling class" (the net do not know if there is more than one reyna ant, but lets not get into that I am losing focus).  
In the case of humans, it is very common that the ruling class has enough terapear worked with the group to hold it together. Work does not leave much time to feed themselves or to satisfy their basic needs. So should depend on the group to keep.

We currently do not know when humans realized that terapear the group, it was necessary to leave printed beliefs that hold it together (and beliefs that ensure the ruling class to maintain their lifestyle), so if the group leader died, one of the ruling class could claim the lead and the others follow because in reality, would be following "their beliefs".

Beliefs that hold us together, we are like the Zerg, we need a "supreme master" to obey, if we do not seek. For satanic, which do not require devotion and worship of Satan, soon you will buy the beliefs Anton LaVey or OTRS writers, feeling great admiration and respect.
Even if you choose to go with atheists, soon you will realize that Instead of repeating robotically prayers and commandments, you will robotically repeating phrases of Friedrich Nietzsche, among others.
And although not consider mystical beings, gods, if you recognize that these authors are above the perrada, so much so that they would not be the perrada for you. (I mean, they are supreme masters).

For wherever you run to get away from the evil Catholic Church, whether you go with the guy (so satan) with atheists, or any other religion, is it going to require to cooperate with something to keep their leaders, that unlike the Catholic Church, in many cases cooperation is enforced.

I have met a person who is in another Christian religion, church forced him to contribute monthly bills to cover the expenses and needs of their "church". The fee was not put on this person, was designated based on the sum of the salaries of her and her husband, gulp !.
There was one season where they could not afford the monthly fee, but as in his church are very "sympathetic" for these cases, because they asked him to change it has invited the priests to eat the number of months that you did not bring.

While it is known what they tell you in the Catholic Church to avoid losing customers, that this Catholic Church is the very simple and only for life and eternal salvation and the promises of Jesus Christ. In smaller groups, where the risk of dissolving the group is larger, the methods of keeping the group together are much more aggressive. Those who leave the group are immediately criticized and slandered by those who remain, including some religious groups have a term for them. "Apostates"
In many of these groups, you are forbidden to those who stayed to talk or treat to leave the group, just after attempts to retrieve his priests have failed. Among the attempts to retrieve the deserters are threats, blackmail, attacks on self-esteem "fool" and even corporal punishment (sometimes they go overboard).

I find it very strange to me that between the beliefs of such groups, dietary advice and go to "diet" where the meat are limited and even banned from the diet. And any other protein source is limited or is recommended to consume very little.

For today, I do not know who's writing and I will close and this post with the following comment: "When you speak ill of the Catholic Church, does not mean your church or group is better."
It would be much as the love you sell a HiPhone instead of telling you some wonders of Hiphone first, you were told, "You must buy a phone because the Alcatel Hiphone are Sencillito and low gamma". And then you may wonder, "but having the Hiphone chido, and I will answer: 'Alcatel is slow.'"


God forbid

?Double Collection in Banamex months interest?

by Carlos 22. August 2014 12:34

Some days ago bought 3 Levis jeans galleries today to check my statement BancaNet, I appear two counts. One for the total and the other by the first month, the net gave me courage sick because I thought I was doing a double charge.

If you have already passed on this, shout, patali¨¦n do their tantrum, are within their rights. It is also healthy to occasionally let out their anger and break some trinket to have on hand. I do not know if they want, take the computer keyboard at one end and azotenlo against the wall.

If not, now calmer ?, breaking something else and after a while I still read.


Assuming you already feel better, well, it turns out that the double charge will not appear on the printed statement. I mean, there is such a double charge, even if they will notice your amount of available credit has gone down so much of the collection (collection once).

This view our balances has few months of being implemented in Banamex, according to what they told me some friends, you are only being charged once.

Note: If you really break something, do not ever charge me. It was your health before and I'm not charging financial advice or psychological counseling.

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Bluebird | Neither God forbid

MTC-01 Magic Cube I worked on my QR X350

by Carlos 13. August 2014 03:07

Returning to my hobby of bad spending my money on expensive and fragile flying toys, I decided to buy the quadc¨®ptero QR X350 (not the pro). Under a completely visceral decision impulsively without information I clicked on the ad, I saw that had a 30% discount, it came to "BNF" (so they did not bring radios or batteries), and bought it.

A day later, as your wheel in running my squirrel head began to spin and made me think that perhaps it would be better to buy the RTF version (ready to fly), which brought ql QR X350 PRO, and brought radio, batteries and end, and came ready to fly, though not brought off, I would have been cheaper for shipping.

So I started looking for options to manage my quadc¨®ptero, the first was to use Futaba 6exhp, but although I have the receiver, I have no crystal needed for the "link" is made. Also, I do not know why it says it is 7 channels, just bring my Futaba Radio 6 and perhaps I need to be that channel. Spending crystals as not.
It was a similar option, use the radio futaba made ??2.4 GHz for receiver included QR X350, however, the drive costs about the same as the joditito radio that I need to blow my quadc¨®ptero The Devo 7. To make matters worse, the modulation is a little different and may not work for me. (The Devo 7 is DSSS, which is based on the DSMX 2 are similar, but they are not the same).

Alternatively, buy the radius used by the free market. Boo, I did not find any good 7-channel or more.

And finally, use the "Walkera Magic Cube", which is kind of adapter that plugs into the headphone jack and is for use with android phones. Only with android 2.0 or higher, because no applications for iPhone, or Windows Phone 8, asha, and other operating systems, I mean, just android.
No, not work with most tablets, because the tablet does not detect as "hands-free", and the program to see that the handsfree is missing, send error message (Please plug in the RFM! something.)
Looking on youtube, I saw that others were happily updating the firmware of your magic cube and as changuitos, I also copied them. I do not know if that's why, or simply because the design of the MTC-01 is not so good, I could never do that in my MTC starts flashing blue light bulb; which indicates that the receiver is looking for.
I tried unsuccessfully with 3 phones with Android 2.3.3 and Android 4.2. The foquito heck does not go out, I have also used both apps available from the official site of Walkera without success. 
Maybe it was because I was on another channel, I thought, so I click on the button of the arches, and after 10 seconds in the last button that says "connection reset". I've kept doing the same thing without success.
Yep, all the way up the volume, application of android seems to work, and that putting the headphones hear noises similar to those done by the modems.

I sent almost a month ago walkera an email explaining my problem and asking the firmware, so far he has not answered. A return on aparatillo ?, nope, I went as $ 22, I get more expensive because it is sending a gringa buy store that sells using eBay.

If you find a solution, let me post, hopefully some distant day I read it. If you buy just the MTC-01, DO NOT BUY. For those who worked for them, they have said in posts that their quadc¨®pteros fall because the MTC-01 balls with the "mix channel" idea, do not know it, but what I do understand is that fall is made.

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Come in Mr Dog

By Carlos 9. July 2014 03:51

Today while coming to work I saw a dog standing in the lane opposite looking. I figured that the dog trying to cross the road is two-way, one lane in each direction.

Behind me came even several cars, so I thought it would be nice gesture to give the ball so that the dog would not have to wait for them to stop passing cars.

I stopped, and the dog looked at me without walking. Perhaps, knowing what animals we become those of perrada, the dog knew I could make nonsense of aventarle the car.


I made a sign with his hand, as it would make it to another person, that he was offering the passage: "Come in Mr Dog". And it was only until then that the dog crossed the street.



Ten things that should copy him perrada the rich

By Carlos 19. June 2014 12:21

I found a listing in English of those boobies showing 10 things that rich people do, while the poor do not. I have changed the title and I'm not translating to the letter, so that you, my readers nacos and uneducated, they do not seem so tedious. Indeed, I took them up the percentages, so I do not panic with the numbers (well, not apply here in Mexico).

Maybe we can help if we follow some of your tips. 

  1. Eating well
    not only refers to the rich eat more expensive dishes, but generally people have better airline control over what they eat. For example, do not eat so much fat and sweets and sodas and junk food as it do the dirty trick.
    What's more, you may even spend less in doing super. Since combining vegetables and fruits need to buy less meat.

  2. Add an "Ace" up his sleeve
    as the saying goes, by the mouth the fish dies. And the perrada are gross enough, when we sell some more information we can prime our sales. In the case of buyers, show enthusiasm so soon, and to tell them how much we struggled to find the product, making the seller refuses to lower its price.
    With anyone we share our dreams and ideas, exposing us to ridicule , disappointments or indifference.
  3. Goals are set
    measurable and achievable goals. It's not like the goals that we re usable as "New Year's resolutions." I say, be less spectacular goals, perhaps not even be worthy of mention in facebook, but anyway, goals.

  4. Maintain online 
    People banknotes in different types of sports, or at least go to the gym. I can imagine that this is where the perrada says, "is that I am so poor that I have to go to a gym, plus my work absorbs me most of my time." Nom¨¢s think about the following: the longer it takes to start, the more they will cost. It is best to start before being told that they have to do because they have diabetes, or something.
  5. They are organized and sorted
    it sounds mamoncitos or stingy. It's a good idea to write things and irlas pending marking. Delaying repairs to our house, or appliances, which can then cost us more money. Furthermore, we aim to cause less stress if we have to do. For work, you better have recorded what we ask our boss or our client, so spare us then fights and misunderstandings; with aggravated lose the customer, or employment.
    As for having on the work area only as needed, helping to make fewer mistakes, take sooner the tools we need, less lost time to search for. etc.

  6. Leen
    Leen chidos books, which sadly I can recommend them only one or two. As such I am of the perrada because I read very little. On the other hand, reading facebook, lousy blogs like this duckling gossip magazines earn points against.
  7. Congratulate the birthday
    to be people of notes is very important to have and keep friends. But if we can then help as levers, lend money, serve as collateral, get us a better place, or at least, if they are friends of perrada, we can get you killed working for us and more pleasing to the heads or customers.
    One of the basic things is to not forget to congratulate our friends, a quick Nudge, simple, a "Happy Birthday", is sufficient most of the time.
    Also, keep in touch with the most potential, I mean, are chidos and social. 
  8. Do not see Laura Bozzo
    not waste their time watching stupid TV shows. Makes me laugh to hear that perrada mentions that part of the fault that Mexico is so fucked up is because the two air stations we have, Televisa and TV Azteca, only offer junk programs.
    Not only do these broadcasters, if we go to the tele pay, also find more garbage programs.
    The programs that we could serve sports are very useful for the beard, then also those about vacation spots. Still, serve to barberear and show interest in the holiday that took our boss.
    Programs scientific have not much point watching them on TV, net, are pure spectacle, are incomplete, and sometimes, either by errors in translation or misunderstanding, sometimes these programs mean out of the cup.
    Obviously, novels zero, zero and zero reality TV programs comes joy.
    In general when they are watching a program ask yourself: "I would be very nice (nais) talking about this with the big boss or potential client who try to impress?

  9. No purchase Scratch 
    Not that they already have good ticket, an extra long like him. Perhaps the greatest prize Scratch are $ 200,000 pesos to, and for a riquillo, win a Scratch it to you or me find a penny $ 10 pesos to.
    The main idea is that we should not expect us to drop things of heaven, and if we fall, we should not stick to it we always fall. 

  10. Take charge of your life
    not only I mean do not be pushed around, but also do not try to control others.
    Nothing gait suffering from what happens to the characters in a novel or watching as you walk It is by going to the other perrada on facebook. Neither stress out because our football team playing bad walk either. With focus on meeting the above 9 points will leave us so soon, the only thing we'll want to do with our free time is take our deserved naptime and relax cool.

Many of the perrada want to be rich, and invent a bunch of nonsense to even try to improve our economic situation. We started to blame others and the government, I do not get angry, do not say that you are innocent of my perrada be miserable, Nom¨¢s mention the excuses we give when someone asks us to let more desire to succeed.
We say that the rich do not help us, and it is his duty to do so, we also mentioned that we are poor and we need a lot of money out of poor people.
The net is that if we give away a million dollars to any of us, not only do would do anything with that money, but in a year, we will have spent the million dollars and what little we had.

We blame the past, which would have done if we had more guys who knows what, or this or that. And there may be good reason.

But to end soon, when someone questions us about what we are doing to have a chida life and abundance, they can say, "it's easier to be poor."

I know maybe I think so because I'm from the dirty trick.

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P¨¢jaro Az¨²l

Llave program for 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer

By Carlos 20. May 2014 15:21

A few weeks ago wanting to turn the alarm on my lancer, this does not answer. However, control of the key lit the light bulb, so I started paniquear.

But the car if I was going, so I did not pay attention and I gave myself the task of looking for the battery.
The battery is hard to find in the case of CR 1620, it is a pretty flat battery, pure fluke I found a radioshack but branded "Energecell" a corrientita brand, as I expect from this stack is last me enough to buy a better battery.

When changing the battery, I take the bad news that had control deprogrammed. Sealed . The alarm is not set, nor could open or close the door with the key.

Overall, I found the manual and re-programmed.

  1. With the spare key with guardadita well at home, they are going to get in the car and go to push the button to open doors, without releasing it, press the button to close doors, keep pressed for between 4-10 seconds. When released, the first release to close doors and then the doors opened.
  2. Happen again, press to open doors, and then hold, press close doors, then wait, and release the buttons in this order, first the doors closed and then opened.
    At this time, all codes for all registered keys (except the key used to make this cuteness) will be deleted.
  3. Take the key to them deprogrammed, and with its new battery, and press to open doors and hold press close doors. Yes, much like they did with the first key. I repeat again, I mean, again press the two buttons and release them.
  4. Finally, press the button to open doors and if opened, is that they did cool. If not, then try first with the door closed and then the opening. So, repeat the steps changing the drawn order.
  5. If you do not pull them, check her manual or if not with that, either way, go to the agency. 
  6. Do not go to take the baratero tallercito, or the friend of a neighbor. Because for some strange reason, many cars are taken to reschedule the barateros, eventually disappearing at night from the garages. Better pay the rescheduled at the agency and Avoid the risk.

Finally, Even if the key battery is fully discharged, the key will serve to start the car because the transponder is in the key does not take power from the battery. The earring is about where they put the key to start the lancer, the earring is an antenna that is responsible for providing power to the transponder, and when the transponder is "awake" will send its code, which will be captured by the earring.

If only they had a copy of skewers, but not the case with the transponder, then serves them nothing, since the lancer will not start.

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